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cutest bono article ever. the charm, it oozes. )


May. 7th, 2004 08:24 pm
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really damn good article about the frames and U2. thanks christina for the link. lissie, not like you wouldn't, but you need to read this for the brian eno mention if for nothing else.

i love this band )

hope, yes

Apr. 2nd, 2004 04:53 pm
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i could post this whole damn article, but.. for now just this.

"splendid": Well, you're still out there playing music.

glen: Exactly, we're still doing it. And basically, to avoid cynicism has always been my personal hope. Not even goal, just hope. And I'm cynical, but hopefully to a healthier degree. I think cynicism's very important. I mean, I go through times where I think "Fuckin' hell, man, I'm 32, what's going on with this?" But then I think, "Fuck it, man, I'm going to be doing this when I'm 60, whether things will be better or not." I've no choice in this. I put all my eggs in one basket when I was 14. They're still in there, you know? I haven't broken too many!
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finally got around to reading bill carter's interview on interference. there really is nothing i can say. just want to keep it here so i don't lose it.

city of the future )
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fools rush in is probably the most incredible book i've ever read. somehow i can actually make that judgment only a third of the way thru it. i can't really say more, just buy it.

a few of my favourite bits thusfar: )

when i got to this point the other night, i felt my blood freeze. (and that was before it made me feel utterly ill.) the hospital spoken of is somewhere we've been. kosevo stadium is the other name for what is known to us as the olympic stadium in sarajevo, where the games were held in 1984. it's also where U2 took popmart. in december the four of us stood on that hill above the stadium and in front of the hospital. the same ground where countless people died, where bill carter fell.. all surrounded by endless graveyard.

read this. )

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todd richards, the coolest dj ever and the first to ever play exit on the radio, has a few more pics of us he just unearthed.

Greetings from the Rock And Roll Capital -

Things are still shaking from the last time EXIT was here...:) Not even the Cleveland cold chill of winter can freeze the vibrations .....:)

Just finally sorted out a few photos for the Running Late site - and lo and behold - found these in the pile - enjoy!

Hope all is well in Exit land....
Todd R.
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thought i'd cross-post this from the yahoo group. if anyone's interested it's an article that ran in nikki's hometown paper, and it's freakin cool.

christmas in bosnia )
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will not rush it
will enjoy it
will not touch it
will rejoice it
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no matter that i'd only been there for four days, i'd fallen completely head over heels in love with dublin. i had, to say the least, a strange feeling of leaving so soon to go to london. it wasn't dread by any means, but i had something strange brewing in me about the elevation show i was to see. we didn't arrive in london til about 10pm or 11pm the night before, and had incredible difficulty getting from stanstead to earl's court. ("i've been in a train and a room and a car and a room and a room and a room!") the train ride was alright - albeit long, the tube was a bit of a nightmare.. trying to figure out what goes where and then where exactly we were trying to go anyway, and then we walked (with heavy backpacks) for i don't even know how long in the wrong direction or something. i don't recall what time it was when we finally reached our hotel. we met up with nikki and kelly, and susan and pam actually set off for earl's court around 3am. i knew i was coming up on some wall and i didn't want to find out what was on the other side of it. (i actually did find out.. but after slane 2.) i sat on my bed and wrote a bit.. 3:45am, the entry says, and it shows how unsettled and on edge i felt. i didn't know at the time why i felt so emotional and shaky, but i know now. (after waking up extremely early and walking a couple miles to the venue, meeting up with everyone, frying in the sun......) we found out the next afternoon in line. bono's dad had died, just near 4am.
we all knew he was sick, and i kept telling people before i left california that this was going to happen sometime during the shows i was setting off for. i guess though, that i didn't realise exactly how it would be. how could i?

i had seen six shows already, but only three or so weeks into the tour. i knew there would be changes, they had since played to the rest of the states and mainland europe. but there was no way to be prepared. )

this photo quite eloquently sums up what there are no words for. a moment just after 'stay' that i unfortunately didn't even witness. (being so close to the front actually does have it's disadvantages.)

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we're gonna be playing a place where the beatles had a press conference!
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we're in the "celebrity sightings" section on the hall of fame website. hehe.
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- for anyone that didn't see it: my lanois/edge article on interference.

- whilst in the studio, a woman from the ventura star came to interview us and a pretty cool article was printed the day we went to cleveland.

- anyone who wants an EXIT demo, t-shirt, sticker, photo, whatever, do email christine at exitmanagement @

working on massive cleveland post now....
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EXIT interview up on interference!

oh, and for those interested, michele visited us in the studio the other night....
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EXIT will now be performing on friday 13 june, rather than saturday the 14th.

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EXIT will be playing at the hard rock cafe in CLEVELAND, OH on 14th june, for the U2 fan celebration (in conjunction with the hall of fame).


stay tuned: many more details and much more excitement to come in the next few weeks.


[you don't even know how freakin long i've been sitting on this!]
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i wish for peace
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pavlov hits me with more bad news
every time i answer the phone
so i play and i sing and i just let it ring
all day when i'm at home
a defacto choice of macro
or microcosmic melancholy
but, baby, any way you slice it
i'm thinkin i could just as soon use
the time alone

yes, the goons have gone global
and the CEOs are shredding files
and the democrans and the republicrats
are flashing their toothy smiles
and uncle tom is posing for a photo op
with the oval office clan
and uncle sam is rigging cockfights
in the promised land
and that knife you stuck in my back is still there
it pinches a little when i sigh and moan
and these days i'm thinkin i could just as soon use
the time alone

cuz all the wrong people have the power
of suggestion
and the freedom of the press is meaningless
if nobody asks a question
i mean
causation by definition
is such a complex compilation
of factors
that to even try to say why
is to over simplify
but that's a far cry
isn't it dear?
from acting like you're the only one there
unrepentantly self centered and unfair
enter all suckers scrambling for the scoop
exit mr. eye contact
who took his flirt and flew the coop
but whatever
no matter
no fishin trips
no fishin
cuz mamma's officially out of commission
and did i mention
in there
did i mention
in there
that i traded babe ruth?
yes, i traded the only player that was bigger than the game
and i can't even tell you why
cuz you'd think i'm insane
and that's the truth

and the music industry mafia is pimping girl power
sniping off their sharp shooter singles from their styrofoam towers
and hip hop is tied up in the back room
with a logo stuffed in its mouth
cuz the master's tools will never dismantle the master's house
but then

i'm getting away from myself

as i get closer and closer to home
and these days i'm thinkin
i could just as soon use
the time alone

and i must admit
today my inner pessimist
seems to have got the best of me

we start out sugared up on kool-aid and manifest destiny
and we memorize all the president's names
like little trained monkeys
and then we're spit into the world
so many spinny-eyed t.v. junkies
incapable of unravelling the military industrial mystery
preemptively pacified with history book history
an i've been around the world now
and i can see this about america:
the mind control is deep here, man
the miopia is steep here

and behold
those that try to expose the reality
who really try to realize democracy
are shot with rubber bullets and gassed off the streets
while the global power brokers are kept clean and discrete
behind a wall
behind a moat
and that is all
that's all she wrote

an my heart beats an sss o o o sss
cuz folks just couldn't care care care less less less
as long as every day is superbowl sunday
and larger than life women in lingerie
are pouting at us from every bus stop

shelovesme shelovesmenot shelovesme shelovesmenot...

"and big government should not stand between a man and his money
cuz "what's good for business is good for the country"

our children still take that lie like communion
the same old line
the confederacy used on the union

conjugate liberty
into libertarian
and medicate it
associate it
with deregulation
we won't even know we're slaves
on a corporate plantation
somebody say halleluja!
somebody say damnation!
cuz the profit system follows the path of least resistance
and the path of least resistance is what makes the river crooked
makes it serpentine
capitalism is the devil's wet dream
so just give me my judy garland drugs
and let me get back to work
cuz the empire state building
is the tallest building in new york
and i always got the feeling
you just liked to hear it fall

off your tongue

but i remember my name

in your mouth
and i don't think i was done
hearing it close to my ear
on a whisper's way to a moan
but pavlov hits me with more bad news every time i answer the phone
so i play and i sing and i just let it ring all day when i'm at home

a defacto choice of macro
or microcosmic melancholy
but baby, any way you slice it
i'm thinkin i could just as soon use
the time alone
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funny.. ive never been able to get this quote outta my head. its something thats always with me. before the vegas show andi sent us all a load of inspiring stuff to get us revved up, hee, and this was one:

"You learn a lot about each other.  Sometimes you're in a dressing room before you're going on-stage and it's another city and another town and maybe Larry turns around and says, "Just another gig."  And you pick him up by the scruff of the neck and knock him against the wall and make him realize that this is what we are here for.  We are not here to give second best!  And Larry himself will do it to me as well.  So we've learned to pull each other up when one of us is getting lazy.  And it's the struggle against that sickness or that illness that actually makes this a very special gig.  It's all in your attitude."

May 1981


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