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the thing is, roger waters turned his darkness into light.

i could see it before, on the screen from the back of the hollywood bowl, i could see the light on his face, but this time i could feel it. that's what i wanted, to live the show again (because it was the same), but this time to be a part of it. we had the most perfect spot imaginable - second row behind the pit (which was five rows) and to the side, which curved over and happened to be at the end of the stage right where roger spent quite a bit of time. we were raised, above the heads of those in the pit, and had a perfectly clear view. i knew we would be close but i didn't fucking realise.

free at last )
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it took susan and i three and a half hours to get to dodger stadium. that's how long it took us to get to irvine last friday. i cannot convey the horror. just to give some perspective, it took us forty minutes to get home. including the mess of traffic to get out of the surrounding parking lot.

anyway, this is one band i was certain i'd never see. i'll say that it was the shitiest $250 ticket i've ever bought, but how could i not? not only were they a constant presence in my life ('synchronicity' especially), but when i was nineteen i went on a fucking bender and became obsessed with everything related to anything any of them ever did. i saw each of them play (numerous times), i fuckin met both sting and andy, but.. no, i never thought i'd see them together. which is what makes that money irrelevant.

sting: since people haven't seen us play in twenty four years, i'd like to introduce the band. andy, this is stewart...
stewart: sting, there are 20,000 people here who have heard that joke before.


that's my soul up there )
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the who // long beach // 26 feb 2007

to me, the mark of a good concert is when a band can make your jaw drop or the top of your head come off. and the mark of a good band is when they can do this repeatedly, no matter how many times you see them. ok, i've only seen the who three times. but still. we were across the fucking arena (which is seriously tiny, so it's not like we were that far) and there were numerous times when i felt i could just burst from the amount of energy plowing through the place. i think i use different bands for different purposes, different forms of therapy, and this one for me is explosive, sheer joy. i felt a little weird after it dawned on me U2 in hawaii was the last show i saw - i hadn't even noticed. by the end of the third song, i was hit with the realisation of not only just how happy i was in that moment, but how hungry i was for the experience without even knowing. some sort of deficiency.

high in the theatre in the sky )
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i'm not keen on support bands who actually lessen the level of excitement. the bowl lighting up red, white and blue fifteen minutes before the who showed up should've actually been the opening act. that brought me back to life right quick.

a thousand songs still smoulder now )
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paul mccartney//staples centre//29 nov 2005

this nearly speaks for itself: longest setlist ever )

holy shit, yeah? i'm having trouble finding words. i had a seat with my mom, first level straight across the arena from the stage, but cheryl managed to score a ticket from ticketmaster on sunday night and because the disabled part of her section was full she wound up just above where our seats were. though the people directly behind us were cool with us standing i knew it wouldn't be long until i had some sort of comment made to me. lamest section in the whole arena! it only took one "sit down" just before 'got to get you into my life' for me to dash up the stairs and join cheryl. immediately it was like a weight off my shoulders, i was able to get so much more into it, jumping around for the rest of the show with nothing but a wall at my back.

i'm having trouble remembering what exactly i heard last tour in terms of the obvious stuff that i've heard a million times on bootleg, like 'magical mystery tour' and 'get back' and the like, so while i could go and and on about everything he said and did, let's focus mostly on things of note and the random shit that sent me reeling, yeah? k.

stop and turn and go for a ride )

i kept stumbling on the word 'magic' as the night went on. the colours were blazing, the art on the screens was at times hypnotising and seemingly tangible, paul was charming and cheeky as ever, and then the music... of course it would be nothing without that. these are some of the best songs this world will ever hear, and the fact that they're acknowledged by the man himself as coming from somewhere other - having that element of magic as he himself says - all that combined with the joy it brings me is why i love this all so much, it's why i belong here.
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no matter that i'd only been there for four days, i'd fallen completely head over heels in love with dublin. i had, to say the least, a strange feeling of leaving so soon to go to london. it wasn't dread by any means, but i had something strange brewing in me about the elevation show i was to see. we didn't arrive in london til about 10pm or 11pm the night before, and had incredible difficulty getting from stanstead to earl's court. ("i've been in a train and a room and a car and a room and a room and a room!") the train ride was alright - albeit long, the tube was a bit of a nightmare.. trying to figure out what goes where and then where exactly we were trying to go anyway, and then we walked (with heavy backpacks) for i don't even know how long in the wrong direction or something. i don't recall what time it was when we finally reached our hotel. we met up with nikki and kelly, and susan and pam actually set off for earl's court around 3am. i knew i was coming up on some wall and i didn't want to find out what was on the other side of it. (i actually did find out.. but after slane 2.) i sat on my bed and wrote a bit.. 3:45am, the entry says, and it shows how unsettled and on edge i felt. i didn't know at the time why i felt so emotional and shaky, but i know now. (after waking up extremely early and walking a couple miles to the venue, meeting up with everyone, frying in the sun......) we found out the next afternoon in line. bono's dad had died, just near 4am.
we all knew he was sick, and i kept telling people before i left california that this was going to happen sometime during the shows i was setting off for. i guess though, that i didn't realise exactly how it would be. how could i?

i had seen six shows already, but only three or so weeks into the tour. i knew there would be changes, they had since played to the rest of the states and mainland europe. but there was no way to be prepared. )

this photo quite eloquently sums up what there are no words for. a moment just after 'stay' that i unfortunately didn't even witness. (being so close to the front actually does have it's disadvantages.)


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