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paul mccartney//staples centre//29 nov 2005

this nearly speaks for itself: longest setlist ever )

holy shit, yeah? i'm having trouble finding words. i had a seat with my mom, first level straight across the arena from the stage, but cheryl managed to score a ticket from ticketmaster on sunday night and because the disabled part of her section was full she wound up just above where our seats were. though the people directly behind us were cool with us standing i knew it wouldn't be long until i had some sort of comment made to me. lamest section in the whole arena! it only took one "sit down" just before 'got to get you into my life' for me to dash up the stairs and join cheryl. immediately it was like a weight off my shoulders, i was able to get so much more into it, jumping around for the rest of the show with nothing but a wall at my back.

i'm having trouble remembering what exactly i heard last tour in terms of the obvious stuff that i've heard a million times on bootleg, like 'magical mystery tour' and 'get back' and the like, so while i could go and and on about everything he said and did, let's focus mostly on things of note and the random shit that sent me reeling, yeah? k.

stop and turn and go for a ride )

i kept stumbling on the word 'magic' as the night went on. the colours were blazing, the art on the screens was at times hypnotising and seemingly tangible, paul was charming and cheeky as ever, and then the music... of course it would be nothing without that. these are some of the best songs this world will ever hear, and the fact that they're acknowledged by the man himself as coming from somewhere other - having that element of magic as he himself says - all that combined with the joy it brings me is why i love this all so much, it's why i belong here.


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