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the who // long beach // 26 feb 2007

to me, the mark of a good concert is when a band can make your jaw drop or the top of your head come off. and the mark of a good band is when they can do this repeatedly, no matter how many times you see them. ok, i've only seen the who three times. but still. we were across the fucking arena (which is seriously tiny, so it's not like we were that far) and there were numerous times when i felt i could just burst from the amount of energy plowing through the place. i think i use different bands for different purposes, different forms of therapy, and this one for me is explosive, sheer joy. i felt a little weird after it dawned on me U2 in hawaii was the last show i saw - i hadn't even noticed. by the end of the third song, i was hit with the realisation of not only just how happy i was in that moment, but how hungry i was for the experience without even knowing. some sort of deficiency.

high in the theatre in the sky )
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i'm not keen on support bands who actually lessen the level of excitement. the bowl lighting up red, white and blue fifteen minutes before the who showed up should've actually been the opening act. that brought me back to life right quick.

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